A Fickle Pickle; 

    An Unstable Fable

This work is centered around the idea of reacting rationally, as well as what one might consider irrationally, before or after processing emotion. My incentive with this piece was to combine my habit of singing everything I do out loud, with my desire to bask inside the permission of exposing the tricky games of the inner dialogue- all while poking fun at my proneness to dramatics, of course. 

Being a lover of theatre, I felt there was only one way to properly showcase these dramatized versions of characters who contain quite a lot of feelings.

With that being said, a musical was formed. 


This twenty five minute extravaganza contains 6 original songs that were written by myself, Emma Andriatch, Sarah Flaim, Sam Leopold, as well as the performers. 

These six performers represent a million feelings, and a million versions of what I believe to be inside of myself. 

Performers: Kayla Castellon, Sam Leopold, James Mertz, Olivia Rousey, Audrey Simmons, Taylor Zappone

Photos: Bill H.